The Rookie Awards 2019 Achievements of Junliang Zhang

Junliang zhang cover small
Junliang zhang achievements
Junliang zhang cg master academy winners
Junliang zhang game design development finalists
Junliang zhang ookie awards 2019 rank a certificate
Junliang zhang education scholarship cg master academy winner
Junliang zhang rookie of the year game design development
Junliang zhang game design development draft selection
Junliang zhang the game of the year 2019 finalist

I was very fortunate to award Five The Rookies Awards in 2019.

Thanks for all your supports!!!


非常感谢The Rookies这次机会让赛博朋克霓虹中国(CyberNeon)获得了广泛的国内外的关注中的焦点!让其作品获奖无数 取得业内人士高度称赞! 谢谢大家的支持和鼓励!

July 15, 2019